Bi/Pan Lesbian Is Not A Valid Identity

✰ The experience 'bi lesbians' and 'pan lesbians' are trying to label is valid, but the specific term of 'bi/pan lesbian' is harmful to lesbians, bi sapphics, and pan sapphics alike✰


1. Lesbian is Not an Umbrella Term

✰ Bisexuals, pansexuals, and other people with attraction to multiple genders used to be identified by the relationships they were seeking out or actively in- a bisexual woman in a relationship with a woman would be considered a lesbian, and a bisexual woman in a relationship with a man would be considered heterosexual. These simplifications of people's sexuality were grown out of as queer people started to create labels and spaces that more accurately described them. The definitions of lesbian, bisexual, and pansexual that developed are now the definitions that are most wildly recognized by general society ✰

✰ Lesbian used to be the term that described all sapphics, but isn't anymore, and that's a positive thing. Having more specific labels has allowed for people's bisexuality and pansexuality to not be erased in common language, and was a step towards getting rid of the pressure for people attracted to multiple genders to 'pick a side'. The emergence of terms like 'bi/pan lesbian' and 'bi/pan hetero' reinforces the notion of needing to 'pick a side', and obscures the common definitions of all the sexualities involved ✰

2. Making Distinct Spaces for Different Sexuality's Unique Experiences is Important

✰ Bisexual, pansexual, and lesbian women are all comrades and share many hardships, but there are also differences in their experiences that make it beneficial to create distinct spaces for each. For example, a lesbian (exlusively attracted to women and women aligned nonbinary people) will likely have a different experience with compulsory heterosexuality than a sapphic who can experience hetero-normative pressures alongside genuine attraction to men. Another example is that lesbians and bisexual women have different stereotypes associated with them, and different typical portrayals in media. 'Bi Lesbian' and 'Pan Lesbian' erases the distinctions between these spaces, which makes it more difficult to-
I. Create safe spaces made for individuals discussing sexuality-specific experiences,
II. Discuss topics relating to a specific sexuality, and
III. Seek out people with a specific sexuality-linked experience when in need of help or commentary ✰

3. Woman Aligned Nonbinary People are Included in Lesbian Attraction

✰ Nonbinary does not just mean 'woman-lite'. There are also individual nonbinary people who are partly woman, woman aligned, or otherwise identify as nonbinary woman, and are included in sapphic attraction. Loving woman aligned nonbinary people does not make you less of a lesbian, and implying otherwise by wanting to separate that attraction into a new label is enbyphobic invalidating lesbian attraction ✰

4. Having a Lean or Strong Prefrence Does Not Make You Any Less Bisexual

✰ Attraction bisexual people have is often not split evenly between genders. There is nothing wrong with being bisexual and experiencing mostly sapphic attraction, and you are still bisexual even if you have a lean ✰

5. Lesbians Don't Have Attraction to Men or Men-Aligned Nonbinary People, Even When on the Split Attraction Model

✰ Asexual Lesbians and Aromantic Lesbians are not comparable to 'Bi Lesbians' on the split attraction model because a homoromantic asexual or a aromantic homosexual still experience exclusively sapphic attraction ✰

✰ A person with any attraction to men or men-aligned nonbinary people, even if only on one side of a split attraction model, does not fit the definition of lesbian ✰

6. Trans Women are Women

✰ Trans women are women, and therefore there does not need to be a label specifying attraction to trans women. Wanting to seperate trans woman into a different label of attraction than cis women is transphobic ✰

7. A Lesbian isn't Less of a Lesbian for Previously Dating Men

✰ Many lesbians experience comphet or otherwise are pressured by heteronormative society to be in relationships with men. Previously being in a relationship with a man does not mean a lesbian was attracted to them, and does not invalidate their lesbian identity ✰

✰ Note: The pro bi/pan lesbian arguments that these points are countering are often not exposed at the same time, as there are multiple groups who support the bi/pan lesbian label for difference reasons. This is a collection of general counter arguments ✰

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